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Ricky's Creative Jewelry. Inc.

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•  Honorable and


•  Knowledgeable and

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•  Fully Insured by Jewelry



•  Fast Service Done In                  Our Shop



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Custom Designs:


We are equipped with the most advanced technology and software available in the jewelry
industry. Our state-of -the-art crowing prototype machine enables us to work with you
though the whole process.


Jewelry Repair:


•Twenty-nine years of experience in the art of jewelry making
•We offer a full service of jewelry repair
•In most cases, the same day or while you wait including ring sizing, stone setting, repair prongs
•We replace watch batteries and adjust watch bands while you wait
•Inspect and clean your jewelry for free
•Pearl stringing
•Hand engraving (initial rings, name plates, earrings)
•Inside ring engraving



This is how it works:


First - We make your design in the computer.

This allows us to show you how the drawing is

going to look or if we need to do some changes

at that time, we can make the changes.

Second - We build the pattern in a form of plastic (raising material) so you can see exactly how it willlook before we make in to the desirable metal.

Third - Finally, we cast the pattern, clean, polish and set any stone, if needed.